The new steeple is set in place.  A resurrection of the original 1846 design.

Bell Tower Project

 A few years ago it became apparent that our big bronze bell was becoming unstable.  It was housed in a wooden structure atop the stone tower in the southeast corner of our church, and was supported by wooden beams let into the stonework.    
 Engineers surmised that the weight of the bell was all that was keeping the wooden tower from being blown off in a high wind.  We commenced a fund raising campaign, and in the name of safety removed the tower and bell in October of 2010.  That was a substantial expense, and a project that made TV news all over Connecticut.   We plan to replicate the original tall steeple, which was not replaced following a disastrous fire on Christmas Eve of 1906.  
 In June of 2013 local citizens representing the Democratic Town Committee, the Republican Town committee, and the Totoket Historical Society joined with us, forming a truly grass roots fund raising committee with the goal of restoring the bell tower and steeple, so that our beautiful bell can once more be heard throughout the village of Northford.   The expected cost of the entire project is $238,485.  Fund raising has proceeded apace, and we have finally raised the necessary total.   

The new bell tower and steeple design has been prepared by Wallingford architect Daniel Webster Lyon, and replicates the original Henry Austin design of 1846.  Construction was done off site by Campbellsville Industries in Kentucky under the direction of Petra Construction of North Haven, with engineering services provided by Nafis & Young of Northford.

On February 28 of this year the bell was lifted back into place on the tower, and the completed bell tower and steeple were installed.  The 2,000 lb. bronze bell was cast in 1846 by the Maneely Co. in Troy, New York.  It can be heard ringing the hours now throughout the Village of Northford .


Further donations are gratefully accepted,   Donations may be mailed to:

              NCC Bell Tower Fund                            P.O. Box 191                           Northford, CT 06472